Welcome to The Loc Diaries!  I decided to start this site because of the lack of websites dedicated solely to those with locked hair.  Through this forum I hope to give you more insight into my personal loc journey.  I also hope that I can learn more from those who have been through the process before.  Today, my locs are 2 days shy of 17 months.  So although, I’ve been with them for a little over a year there is still so much to learn.  I encourage all readers to make this site your home.  This is NOT my personal blog (www.theartofres.blogspot.com) in which I write about what I feel like and don’t really consider what my audience wants to read.  This blog is EXCLUSIVELY for my READERS, so I encourage you to tell me what you want to know more of and I will get those answers back to you.  I would also encourage you to participate in discussions because your perspective always bring more to the table.    So let’s hop on this journey together and I promise you that no one won’t get lost . . .


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