B:  did you just call me a youtubeawhore? 

A: sure did.

B:  just checking. 

hey wordpress! did i forget to tell you that i’m a youtubeawhore? 


well, i surely am.  some of you may be like what the heck is a youtubeawhore.  it’s iamkamilah.  lol. naw, it’s just a term that describes someone who is on youtube all of the time.  you know that friend who you  share a video with and she responds “Saw that one already.”  yea that’s usually how i respond.  i also have my own channel. yep!  just search iamkamilah and you’ll see all the videos i have uploaded. i do a lot of lock tutorials so, i will definitely post them over here. below is a picture journal of me retwisting and styling. check it out!


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