Loc’ing Methods

So you’re thinking about loc’ing your hair.  The first thing you need to know is which method you are going to use to start the process.  The loc’ing process falls in two categories with two subparts:

1.  Organic Loc’s — Many choose this method for religious reasons so the final “look” of the loc’s is not as important as the spiritual aspect.  But I have also known organic loc wearers who didn’t choose this method for religious reasons but they like the style and the low maintenance of it.

a.  Totally Organic Method —  a total refrain from brushing and/or combing hair. This method creates loc’s that vary in size, width, shape, and length.

b.  Free Form Method —  patterned to a degree, as the hair is just pulled apart in “chunks” into fairly determined sections after washing, as opposed to organic dreadlocks that tend to bifurcate and coalesce haphazardly.

 2.  Cultivated/Manicured Loc’s — hair is parted and actively manipulated to aid in the loc’ing process.  Pros:  freedom to determine size of loc’s, control over new growth, and the ability to style hair in ways similar to unlocked straight hair.

a.  Hand Cultivated Methods — twisting you hair your fingers or rolling between the palms of your hands. As your hair sheds it become a part of the coil/roll. Your new growth is regularly twisted to keep the roots from meshing.

  • It is important to remember that twisting doesn’t actually lock your hair. Twisting just helps your hair to lock in a uniform way. You don’t want to over twist your locks in an attempt to make them lock faster. This could actually cause them to thin or weaken. Time and patience is what forms locks. Twisting only keeps the uniform and out of each other’s way

b.  Tools Cultivated Methods — You can start and/or maintain your locks with a tool. The tool actually weaves your hair together from the end to the root. As your hair grows the new growth is woven to tighten it. Hair locks faster with this method than with any other.

Stay tuned for How To Loc Your Hair. 

Which process did you use to start your loc?  My loc’s are cultivated and I use hand methods.  I have never interlocked.  I usually retwist every 2-3 months.


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