The Loc’ing Process Deux

Now that you have figured out which method you are going to use.  You can begin the actual process.  For those who choose the organic method, you need no true guidance.  Just let your hair be. 

For those who choose the cultivated/manicured method, you now have to decide which way you want to start your locs. 

Here are the options:

  • double strand twist
  • comb coils
  • braids
  • interlocking (Sisterlocks falls into this category)
  • yarn braids

The most popular ways are double strand twists, comb coils, and interlocking.  Recently I have seen a lot of people with braidlocs.  For this process, you just braid/plait your regular hair and get them interlocked as the new growth appears.  Usually they are braided very small and so they resemble Sisterlocks. 

Sisters in Miami have been rocking yarn braids since like 2000.  But they wore it because they were in style and it gave the appearance of loc’s.   I still see a lot of women wearing them, but only 1 sister I know, is wearing them to  loc her hair. 

My suggestions:

  • If you have really soft or curly hair, I do not suggest comb coils.  I instead would suggest that you let your hair grown long enough to double strand.  Double strand twists unravel less and they are more manageable for curlier or soft hair. 
  • If you are not sure about loc’s but want to know how you would look with with them (which I know will be fabolous) try yarn braids (aka Nu Loc’s)
  • Braid loc’s are nice and becoming a new trend but you can definitely see the two textures (braided part and the latch hooking look on the roots).  And they will look like braids for a minute.  But if you don’t mind that, braid loc!
  •  Fight the newbie retwisting every week syndrome.  Let your hair do it’s thing. Remember your hair isn’t loc’ing because you retwist rather it’ loc’s with time.  So it’s all about being PATIENT.  Which brings me to my next suggestion
  • If you ain’t PATIENT — loc’s aren’t for you.  Sorry!

If you want to know the pros and cons of using each method visit My NHCG

How did you start your hair?  Any regrets. Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “The Loc’ing Process Deux

  1. Hey!
    I have started my locs 4 months ago by interlocking them myself! That’s a pretty long process!!
    I do not regret it, I guess my hair do not look as messier that with twist (I love twists but I had this thing of always unravelling them to redo them, so starting locs with them was not an option!), and I like the freedom of being able to wash my hair easily! 🙂

    1. Happy New Year!

      Faith, i’m glad you are on this journey. the days will begin to roll by the quickly, and in no time your hair will be down your back. lol. but i had some girlfriends with the same issue of their locs unraveling because of their hair texture being extremly soft or straight. and interlocking is the best route for them to go. thanks for your comment.

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