Christmas Party 2009

where are you from?

i’m from miami, florida. 3-0-5, yo we got that fire . . .

when did you start your loc journey?

i started my journey on July 10, 2008. this december marks 17 months! yay!

why did you choose to loc your hair?

a little birdie ( *>*) whispered in my ear about 7 years ago, that i should start the process.  i didn’t feel ready, and i was hella insecure about having just loose natural hair, so i knew that i couldn’t handle such a bold statement like loc’s. 

 years later, i was trying to figure what i wanted to do next with my hair.  By that stage in my life i had embraced the fact that my hair was just hair.  i feel that a lot of women are bound and enslaved to their hair.  they can’t cut it, it must be straight, they can have no drastic change because they are so afraid of what they will look like and what others will think, they can’t get it wet thus they can’t  exercise.  too many restrictions. 

so initially, i was thinking about cutting off all of my hair into a low fade.  i wanted something low maintenance and hawt. lol.  that never happened but we never know what the future holds.  you may wake up tomorrow with a blog called The No Hair Diairies.  lol. 

so instead of cutting my hair i decided to loc my hair.  i was definitely nervous but once i got off the loctician’s chair, i was so happy with the outcome of my hair. 

Starter Loc's

 how has you journey been thus far? 

so far, i have loved every moment of it.  i must admit some random days, i do miss my natural loose hair, but i have learned that my loc’ed hair is soo versatile and it can do practically anything loose hair can do (and maybe even better – lol). 

any advice to new loc’ees and those considering loc’ing their hair?

to all my new loc’ees (although, i consider myself pretty new as well) I will say to be strong, stay focused, learn about your hair, try out new things, learn how to maintain your own hair (save you some money), and be confident in who you are. Lastly, be patient!  Loc’s don’t loc the next day — they take time and more time.  I know some people whose hair didn’t loc until after the 2 year.  My hair is trying me too.  Some of my hair is fully loc’ed but they front of my hair, which is curlier and straighter is take it’s poor little time.  So just know that everyone’s process is different so don’t think what works for someone will work for you.  That’s why it is important to learn everything about your hair.  so get to studying!

to all my peeps who are thinking about joining the club.  just do it.  don’t get caught up in the process — look at the journey.   if it’s something that you like, try it out, if it doesn’t work for you move on to something else. I will say that one thing you will need is PATIENCE, if you don’t have it now or ain’t willing to learn it, i’m sorry to say that you won’t succeed in the game. 

favorite loc style/loc mainteance/any special tips you would like to share

i have soo many, but one of my favorites is my french braid pin up. 

August Wedding Style
August Wedding Style
August Wedding Style




4 thoughts on “iamkamilah

  1. Reading about your journey is inspiring. Thanks for all of your insights and guidance as you take the same journey with everyone else.

    How long do you plan to keep your locs? And you know a lot of people are concerned about what others will say once they start their locs. How have your friends and family responded to your journey?

  2. Thanks CPA for your kind words.

    I am not sure how long I plan to keep my locs. Right now I’m loving them and can’t wait to see how they mature. But once I feel like they are a burden I will get rid of them. I want to be in love with my hair, and when I fall out of love with them it’s a rap. So if they start to mess with me a year down the road or if it’s 10 years down the road, the relationship is over. lol.

    I think I got more whys when I went natural versus when I started locs. But my family and friends have been very supportive. I wore my locs in big braids one time (my hair hadn’t been twisted in 2 months, so the new growth was crazy) and my father was like, “Brenda your hair is so beautiful!” He kept on complimenting me. He really loved them. That made me feel so good about myself. My dad found beauty in something that many people don’t. Many people like when my hair is newly twisted (neat as they call it) and I love my new growth. To get back on topic I have gotten positive feedback from people especially my family. But overrall, I love my locs, during my no retwising bouts, thick new growth and all. I am very confident in who I am and when ppl see that you are confident they don’t step to you with foolishness, because you wear you well!

    Thanks for your comment CPA!

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