bglhonline.com recently had a post about the movie Avatar.  the blog discussed what a reviewer from the AP said about the Na’vi people’s hairstyle — which he incorrectly identifies. 

The Na’vi are a 10-foot-tall species with translucent, aqua-colored skin, 3-fingered hands and smooth, lean torsos. They have long, neat dreadlocks for hair and wide, feline foreheads. The smart freckles on their brow faintly light up like tiny constellations.

With beady headdresses and skimpy sashes, the Na’vi are clearly meant to evoke Native Americans, as well as similarly exploited tribes of South America and Africa.

the blogger on bglh posted this question: 

Does it frustrate you that mainstream America doesn’t know how to differentiate between our styles? Or are you indifferent about the whole thing?

I personally don’t have any qualms with white people not knowing if I have loc’s or braids.  I think the question we should be asking is why are ethnic hairstyles (braids/loc’s) always the hairstyle these alien characters have?  Are our hairstyles so foreign/alien?   Are loc’s scary? Do they complete a villian look? 

Do the research yourself, and you will see that majority of alien movies have a character with loc’s.  John Travolta in Battlefield Earth wore loc’s.  I’m so serious. 

Also, why did the AP have to describe the loc’s as neat? 

Just some food for thought.  What do you think?


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