Trimming Loc’s

Long Hair Don't Care

C:  What’s up iamkamilah:

I’m gonna trim my hair soon, maybe this wknd. Do you think I should have it wet when I do it? I know they do that at hairdressers so they know the actual length of the hair. But does that really even matter for me? 

Your professional opinion would be greatly appreciated.  

Thanks!  hi sir.
thanks for your recent email.  Unlike, loose hair, it doesn’t matter if you cut your loc’s wet or dry.  When trimming your loc’s make sure you cut them at an angle and use a rat tail comb to comb over ends and then palm roll them.

C:  But what do you mean cut at an angle?  When I say cut at an angle think about cut flower stems before you put them in water.  You cut at an angle, another way to describe it is to cut your tips with a slant.  Cut at an 75 degree angle or with a slant.  

C:  Why do people do it like that for loc’s?  Loc’s are cut at an angel because they unravel less versus if you cut them straight.  

C:  Do you think I should cut it? Or am I being extra? Will I regret it? LoL! Why do I keep talking about this? I never imagined I’d go this long with no hair cut. Its funny, it kinda just happened. But I feel like I’mma have to at some point cause it cant be all the way down on the ground. Thats not a good look. Maybe now is not the time. Or maybe I’m just worried. Who knows…  I wouldn’t do it yet.  I think it’s still manageable and at a cool length.  I dont think you’ll regret it though, it’s just a trim.  But there is no rush to make a decision, and the decision isn’t life changing, you’ll be fine either way. So chill and whenever you are ready you’ll do it.  

C:  Ok, cool. I’mma chill at least into the new year. Thanks Dr! 


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