August 2009

Where are you from? 

T:  I’m from Rockland County, NY 

When did you start the locing process?  

T:  I started the locing process about two to three weeks after my big chop…August 28, 1999 to be exact! I’ve had my locs for 10 years.  

Why did you choose to go natural? 

T:  I made the choice to go natural because I was ready to try something new, and I wanted a style to differentiate myself from others.  I have always been unique and going natural was the perfect way to express myself.  I also wanted to stop applying chemicals to my hair, especially since the hair around my temples has always been thin. 

Why did you choose to loc your hair and what method did you use to start your loc’s? 

T:  I started off with about 4 to 6 inches of unpermed hair.  It wasn’t my intent to immediately loc my hair, but i kept the twist in because I was getting so many compliments.  My hair took about a year and a half (or more) to lock, I guess because I have a softer hair texture. 

How has your journey been thus far? Give us the good, bad, and ugly. 

T:  The only issue that I have had with my locs is that my hairline has receded about an inch. I’ve encountered many women through the years whom have had dreadlocks and their hair is always thinning in many areas on the scalp! I finally realized that it was a problem and that I would have to stop being in denial, gathered the courage to finally speak to someone about it. 

Sometimes I want to cut my locs off. I trimmed them last year but it doesn’t seem like so because my hair grows so rapidly. They are very long so my hair gets in the way sometimes, but I refuse to cut them. My locs aren’t heavy but are very heavy while wet. As much as I want to cut them sometimes I like to have them this long because it shows that I’ve had them for such a long time, plus I am attached to them. My son has never seen me with “straight” hair, only in pictures, so he always ask for me to have a “normal” hairstyle! 

Sometimes I want to try something new but don’t know if I ever will. I will never go back to relaxers! 

What is your hair regimen?   

T:  I am pretty loose when it comes to a regimen.  In the beginning I used to get my new growth re-twisted on a monthly basis.  I wash my own locs about once a month, unless it needs to be washed sooner than that. I make sure I condition it after shampooing and also use leave-in conditioners and/or hot oil and repair treatments. I used to try to dry it with a hair dryer but it takes way too long and I end up letting the rest air dry when I wash on my own.  I get it professionally twisted and styled about every two months, between visits I do it myself.  I used to be strict about getting my hair twisted professionally until after I became a mom … so I had to learn how to save money and not take trips to the city to get my hair done … just didn’t have enough time or money! 

What products do you use?  Which products do you stay away from? 

T:  About a year ago I started going to my sister’s loc technician and she advised that I stop putting beeswax in my hair, as I had been doing since the beginning of my locing journey, along with protein hair gel for extra hold. Beeswax leaves a film and buildup in the hair.  So now I use Jamaica Mango and Lime Twisting gel with a clear Aloe-vera based gel.  I moisturize my scalp with Organic Formula’s Hair Fertilizer.  My hair seems lighter ever since I stopped putting beeswax in it, although I have been tempted to use it again because it holds for longer.  I also cut the front shorter so that the weight of my hair doesn’t put extra pressure on my hair and cause breakage.  I use Castor Oil in my hair and just learned about the benefits of using Lavender oil on a daily basis to prevent hair loss/breakage.  I recently started taking Biotin vitamins. 

For more information about Tulipe, check her out at:  www.tulipeismyaka.blogspot.com 


2 thoughts on “Tulipe

  1. Do you know where a dreadlocked/loc’d person can find dreadlock hats, tams, turbans, satin bonnets, & hair nets in Rockland County, NY. I know you can find all these on the internet and in New York City, but have a hard time finding them in Rockland County.

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