Hold on Ayiti!

As many of you may know, I am of Haitian descent.  Both of my parents are from the island.  My family are from St. Louis du Nord, about 8 hours away from the nation’s captial, Port-au-Prince.  Just like the other millions of people who left the countryside in hopes of better opportunity in the capitol, my remaining family members have done the same.  Because a majority of my family have moved out of Haiti, the family that I do have left moved to the capital.  My sister, her 3 children, my brother in law, and about 6 first cousins have resided in PAP for a long time.  We have yet to hear from them.  It’s a waiting game during times of natural disaters.  So we are just waiting, hoping that the phone lines will clear up, hoping that the countrymen can institute relief efforts on their own while they wait for US aid. 

So in the meantime, Kembe La, Ayiti!

I urge you to act.  Help anyway you can: donate money, clothes, canned goods, shoes!  Get the word out via twitter, facebook, text messages, youtube, myspace! Pray for the people on the island, Pray for more speedy relief efforts, Pray for peace.



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