Obama Grants TPS to Haitians

about a day or so i tweeted @iamkamilah and FB’ed

TPS Pour Ayisen!

translation:  TPS for Haitians

just a few minutes ago, i was pleasantly surprised to see that Obama has granted TPS (temporary protected status) to Haitians in the United States. 

Temporary immigration status is for foreign nationals currently residing in the U.S. whose homeland conditions are recognized by the US government as being temporarily unsafe or overly dangerous to return to (e.g., war, earthquake, flood, drought, or other extraordinary and temporary conditions). TPS does not lead to permanent resident status. As the name indicates, it is temporary, granted anywhere from 6-18 months, with extensions.

What does this mean? It means that US President Obama is allowing Haitian nationals who were currently in the United States at the time of Tuesday’s earthquake to over-stay their visa for the next 18 months.


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