First Retwist of the New Year

I finally retwisted my hair.  3 months later.  there was a lot of meshing but I got through it.  tons of popping. 

meshing,  I must admit is the ONLY down side to retwisting every 3 months.  

 I used a combination of things to retwist my hair. at first I was going to try this concoction of aloe vera gel and lemongrass EO.  the mixture was a bit off (it just wasn’t think enough for me — i’m going to perfect it and get back to you later) so i decided to go back to Queen Helene Styling Gel (non alcohol) and CD’s Loc Butter.  I mix those products together and I use that to retwist.  I love the result.  CD alone can be too heavy and Gel alone is to light but together they are just right.  For my mixture I put way more gel than CD. 

This January marked my 1.5 year anniversary.  YAY!  My hair has grown a lot.  I’m so in love with it!  And other’s are too! lol.  Seriously, they are.  I get compliments all of the time. 

Next retwist April 31!


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