Jojoba Oil

As many of you know, I’ve become a semi-natural product junkie.  I say semi because it’s gets expensive to dive into the “natural/organic” world and a sista is on a REAL budget. 

But I have begun the process by educating myself on nature’s products and investing in some of these products. 

Anyhoo, recently i have been using jojoba oil (pronounced “ho-HO-bah”) on my scalp.  My scalp just needed some TLC, I had a 16 ounce bottle of jojoba sitting around so I decided to indulge.  I brought the oil because I heard of all the fantastic things that it does to and for your skin.  Specifically, I brought it to use on my hair, but I may be expanding its use to my skin.  I can just hear Jo (pronounced Joe) quietly seducing me “Use me Baby, I wanna be your slave!”  

Who is Jo?

Jojoba oil is a liquid wax produced in the seed of the jojoba, a shrub native to southern USA and Mexico. Jojoba has flat gray-green leathery leaves and a deep root system that make it well adapted to desert heat and drought. The jojoba tree was known by Native Americans who extracted the oil from jojoba seeds to treat sores and wounds. Jojoba oil is obtained from the crushed bean of the jojoba shrub.

What are the benefits of jojoba oil?

  • A great natural preservative for prolonging the shelf life of products made with essential oils.
  • Jojoba is very similar chemically to sebum. Sebum is part of the oil that is found on the surface of the skin, it protects skin from bacterial infection and it also reduces natural water loss through your pores.
  • It also has a high vitamin E content, which is an anti oxidant and protects your skin from pollutants.
  • Provides all day moisturization – jojoba oil doesn’t evaporate like water based moisturizers can.
  • It is theorized, but not yet proven, that because jojoba oil is so similar to human skin oil, it can “trick” the skin into thinking it has produced enough oil and thus balance oil production.
  • Spreads well and absorbs well.

6 thoughts on “Jojoba Oil

    1. hi aspiringrolemodel:

      yes, i believe in my post I spoke about using it on my hair. It’s really good! I add lavender to the oil and use it on my scalp and hair. It’s one of my favorite products. Some people swear by coconut oil, but I love my jojoba oil just as much.

      thanks for your comment!


  1. Have you ever tried Shea Butter? I have not tried a pure Jojoba oil on my hair. It’s nice how oils are allow you to add fragrance to them. I am becoming more a PJ for natural and organic hair care/skin products. As you say, you have to budget and get a little at a time. I have been researching online to try a lot of natural products. I will buy a little at a time plus I need to use what I buy and not let product sit there. Get old. Be no good.

    I wished there will be more non sulfate shampoos on the market. Some will say no sulfates but have another sulfate sounding name in it.

  2. I am going to get some jojoba oil tomorrow! I have been using almond oil which just finished and I have heard great things about jojoba. I am looking for something to make my locs look silkier.


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