Length Check

Because my hair is naturally curly, I never see my real length.  It is only after I stretch my hair via braiding (blow drying when I was a loose natural) that I can see the true length of me hair. 

I have great news to report — my hair is SHOULDER length.  After I took out the braids, I noticed how long my hair grew.  It’s so crazy because I’ve felt like this loc’ing process has been slow BUT my hair has been growing at a crazy rate. 

I also need to remember that I am coming upon my 2 year anniversary in 4 months.  WOW! Seems like yesterday I got them put them in and the fact that my tips aren’t totally loc’ed makes me really feel like I just started the process.

Anyhoo, don’t expect length checks every month.  lol.  I stay away from being length obsessed because it’s not that serious to me — I’m more concerned with the process and not the outcome (long locs).  In fact, I’m going to be really miss my short locs because it’s very distinct from having long locs — many times you can’t do the same styles anymore. boo! 

But know that my hair is growing and so am I!



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