Braid out

I’ve been rocking this braid out for about over two weeks.  I used Sarah Hersenberger liquid gel and it holds the crinkles in for a food while.  Here is a preview of week 1.
Thursday, Feb. 25
Friday, Feb. 26





6 thoughts on “Braid out

  1. Wonderful style! In the first two pics you hair looks like a two strand twists but in the later two photos it looks like locs. Pardon me for asking but is your hair permanently in dreadlocks or it is an achieved style which is not permanent? I have been working on trying to do a two strand twists on my hair with no luck. 😦 I may not be using something good enough to hold the two strand twists together very well.

    Have you been transitioning to natural recently? I have been a natural for about 10 years. Nice to see natural beauties here to share thoughts and reviews. 🙂

    1. hi lifejouneytobenatural!

      Sorry for the delayed response.

      Thanks so much for the compliments. My hair is loc’ed and I has been locked for almost 2 years. But I’ve been natural for about 4 years. And I was natural before then for about 4 years as well. But it’s weird that your hair can’t hold twists. Even without any product your hair should hold twists. I’m not sure of your texture but if you have any kind of curls there should be no problem. I would suggest getting them professionally done first or checking out youtube vids to achieve the look. I’m positive that in no time you will get your twists. lol. Thanks for your comment! I’m heading over to your page . . . now.


  2. Hi Kamilah:

    Thank you for responding back on my comment. Your locs are lovely. Did you ever do a BC? I’ve never done a BC which I just let my relaxed hair grow out to its natural state. Well perhaps I need practice with doing the twists. Do you find the twists are done better after you have washed/conditioned the hair? I did it while my hair was dry for at night. I may need a butter or cream to hold the twists which I know there are some natural products to help with twists. Yes I will view some Video tutorials on doing twists. I used to just do braid out at night before I cut my hair last summer. I do not braid out right now. I do wash n gos.

    I think my hair falls between 3c/4a. Some of my curls can appear loose whereas other curls are rather tight. Coily.

    Thanks for visiting my page. Please feel free to give comments or any questions/feedbacks.

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