Loc Nots

he loves me

he love me not

he loves me

he loves me not . . . .

I am drawing near to my 2nd year lociversary.  As my locs grow older and more mature I am learning what my locs love and what they don’t.  Thus, I will be starting a blog category called Loc Nots.  In this series I will be talking about what I have learned (through trial and error) not to put on my locs; what my locs hate and what they can do without.

I retwisted my hair about 2-3 weeks ago and I was not pleased.  When I retwisted I attempted to do pipe cleaner curls.  My locs went limp and frizzy after 4 days of my retwist and I was utterly perplexed.   My first set of pipe cleaner curls lasted for more than 3 weeks.  So I knew I did something wrong when these curls lasted for about 3 days .  The cause — my glycerin and water mix. 

I washed my hair in the morning and went to work.  When I came home, I put some glycerin and water in my spray bottle to moisten my now dry hair, for my retwist.  I used my CD’s Loc Butter to retwist and put in the pipe cleaners.  I left the pipe cleaners for an entire day to dry and to take shape.  When I took them out I had a curl pattern but not a really defined one as before.  My loose curls soon drooped after 48 hours <insert sad face> 

Thus, my first Loc Not is water and glycerin mix when you want to have curls in your hair.  I know that glyverin is a humectant and it draws water but damn I didn’t put the two together –>  Curls drop when in contact with water. lol.  It also left my hair frizzy and that’s totally unacceptable.  Will I ever use it again, uhm nope!  I do think that it works wonders for natural loose hair.  But be sure to use it moderatly! 

Have you used glycerin and water on your locs? How did it turn out?


3 thoughts on “Loc Nots

  1. Glycerin and water works perfectly fine for me, it makes my locks feel soft and moisturized. I haven’t curled my locs yet, but I will probably use water and glycerin as a spritz anyway, because it gives my locs the softness and moisture that it needs.

    1. I agree glycerin and water does soften your locs/hair. However if you are going for the curly look, like I was, then your curls won’t hold for long. But let me know how it goes if you try it with curls. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. Glycerin was terrible for my locs. My hair is naturally soft and the glycerin just made my locs limp and fizzy. NEVER again.

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