H2O is my Homie

Functions of Water in the Body

So I’ve been drinking more water lately.  I’m consciously drinking 8 glasses a day.  Kind of a big deal, right?! Well it is, considering my previous water intake or lack thereof.  

I work 10-16 hour days. Sometimes I would have a soda and/or a glass of water within that time period until I get home.  At home I may drink a bottle of water or a cup of juice before going to bed.  Yea it was bad, I know, and that’s why I am on this journey. 

I’ve been on this journey for 3 days now but I am going to make this a LIFESTYLE.

I have succeeded in developing a habit. Now I can NOT go on my with day without doing this particular thing.  I’m embarrassed to tell you all what it is, but know that I have developed a good habit.  lol.  With that track record, I know that I am capable of attaing this goal. 

So its been 3 days and I already feel a big difference.  Some physical and mental changes that I have noticed are:

1) I use the restroom about 5-7 times a day (no.1 not no.2, lol) and my urine is clear.  Thus I am constantly ridding my system of toxins and by-products of fat and my urine color signifies I have sufficient water intake. 

2) I developed a harsh patch of eczema on my elbow.  I have used everything that you can think of (prescribed and OTC) and nothing really seems to get rid of it. It has been on and off for like 2 years.  I know its associated with my move back to Miami from St. Louis but its very annoying and embarrassing.  It would start to clear and then the itch would return and BAM! it’s back.  Every since I have increased my water intake, my skin doesn’t itch like it used to.  I never thought about ezcema/skin in the same light as water.  It wasn’t until today that I thought about how much my skin itch has slowed down.  And so I thought about what I have changed within these few days and the only thing that has changed is my water intake. Because skin is our largest body organ it requires its share of water. Water helps to replenish skin tissues, it moisturizes the skin and increase it increases the skin’s elasticity. It’s crazy how within 3 days my skin feels  so much better because I’m drinking water. 

3) As stated earlier, I work long hour days. Thus I need all the energy I can get, to be productive during those long hours.  Because our brain is mostly made up of water, drinking water helps you think better and be more alert. I am no where as tired as I used to be.  I tell you the power of water is incredible.

I’m looking forward to how developing this habit helps my hair.  I’ve learned that drinking water flushes your body of toxins, chemicals, and impurities that stifle hair growth and disrupts hormone and enzyme imbalances. Thus, drinking more water should promote hair growth. I believe that it will, water has done everything else its promised to do, so I’ll will let you all know about how it affects my hair.  

Do you drink enough water? What changes (physical/emotional/ mental) have you noticed since increasing your water intake?


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