New Summer Loc Regimen

So i’m still rocking my retwist plaits.  I’m in love.  I just dont want to take them down.  This will be my summer staple style.  I love protective styles although as a loc wearer I dont really need or use them.  But I love protective styles not only because they protect but because they are so cute.  lol. 

I have decided to begin Summer Frizzless Challenge 2010 .  I am dedicated to rocking plaits for weeks before showing off my braid out. 

Two reasons I have decided to do so are:

1) to see if this will cut back frizzies tremendously

2) spark styling creativity

So I’m thinking that I will wear my hair in plaits for 2 no more than 3 weeks and wear it as a braid out for maybe 1-2 weeks.  And then I’ll wash and retwist.  So I’m going to start retwisting my hair every 6 weeks instead of quarterly.  I’ll do this for 3 months straight.  Let’s see if I achieve my frizzless goal.


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