Life, Love, Locs

So I’m going to start a new series called Life, Love, Locs.  I think that I do myself a disservice to only talk about my locs and not about my life.  When I began blogging I started a personal blog called “The Art of Re” where I spoke about everything and anything.  Blogging is my medicine.  Whenever I feel down and out I can vomit my thoughts, feelings, and emotions onto a blog without feeling that I am being judged.  So I need a space to do me! And I gladly invite you all into my space.  A space where we can talk and share ideas.

Just recently (okay maybe about 3 months ago) I stopped blogging over there.  I had 2 blogs and a youtube channel, it just became way too taxing on me.  So I had to step away from everything and figure out what I wanted to do. 

Just a minute ago, a light bulb went off. 

Mind:  Girl, why can’t you just combine the two blogs? Talk about locs in one section and your life in the other!

Me:  Duh!

So without further ado, please make way for Life, Love, Locs!

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