Preparation + Opportunity = Success

Have you ever had this crazy feeling that a breakthrough was coming your way?

I’ve had this weird, exciting, scary feeling that lives at the pit of my stomach, for about 3 months now.

I’m not sure what’s in store but I know its something that’s going to knock my boots off!

I’ve been praying for a new job.  I’m at a crossroad where I’m trying to figure out which road to take. 

Should I leave my career and start something new? I’ve been battling this decision for months.  And whenever I feel like I’ve made my mind up, something happens and I’m confused again. lol.

I must admit that within a couple of months my life has changed.  I’m serving on 2 boards, I’ve meet great friends, I’ve made excellent network contacts, my confidence has boosted incredibly, I’ve made good money at work, I’ve saved good money, my BFF and I are actively planning to open a business, and I even won a contest! Everything big and small has put a smile on my face, so I really dont have any complaints. 

So things have been going good but I feel like there’s better coming my way. 

From mid 2009 to early 2010 I was so down.  I remember thinking heavily about the decisions I made in my life and wondering whether I made the BEST decision.  Not the RIGHT but the BEST decision . . .

Anyways, I was down.  And it’s natural to feel sad when things aren’t going as YOU planned.  But I NEVER let doubt have the last word!  

I’m all about strategy.  When I strategize, OMG, I’m a BEAST! There is no stopping me.  This guy once told me “Success is when PREPARATION MEETS OPPORTUNITY.” I live by that. 

I remember taking a shower and telling myself, “You are going to make some moves! On Monday, it’s on!” I essentially told my doubts to ‘get the EFF outta here cause I’m in control. ‘ And from that day forward the doors that have opened for me is unbelievable!

I’m currently reading The Secret, it’s a great book that reaffirms what you already know, “Ask, Believe, Receive!” And I know that my life changed when I proclaimed that things were going to change!

I feel like God is telling me, “Brenda, your impressed by that? Wait til you see what I got in store for you, it’s gonna knock your boots off!”

So in the meantime, I’m just waiting . . .

I dont know what’s coming, but one thing I know for sure is that I’m prepared for it. 

Are you prepared for your dreams to come true? If your dreams/opportunity came knocking on your door tomorrow, would you know how to treat her? Or would you kill her (your dreams) because you weren’t prepared for her?


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