Nail Polish Obsession

I stopped wearing acrylic nails a long time ago.  It was a combo of the damage it did to my nails as well as the expense of upkeep.  I’m not the girl that you will find at the nail salon every Wednesday at 5. 

I rarely get mani/pedis AT THE SALON.  I do, however do my own mani/pedis faithfully. 

I stopped pedis because of the unsanitary nature of those places.  And let me pause those thoughts that you may have. 

“She need not go to those cheap places in the hood.” 

Let me just say, dont let appearances fool you.  The higher end salons do their dirt as well – trust me. 

Anyways, I stopped going every week but I’ll go every blue moon to get a mani/pedi just to chill and have someone work on me.  I love polish on my natural nails.  I’m into the modelesque nail look– short and square.  I’m not into long nails, at all.  Short just makes it seem more neat. 

With that being said, I’ve developed a love for nail polish.  I can’t help but buy nail polish where ever I go.  Walmart, Target, Ulta, Dollar General.  Ten dollar nail polish, one dollar nail polish.  Matte colors, neon colors.  I dont care where it comes from, if it looks good or at least I think that it will, I’m getting it. 

I have a nice little collection going on and I’m afraid that it’s growing by the minute.  HHHEEELLLPPP!

But check out my current nail color, Atomic by LA Colors, Color Craze $1 at Dollar General.

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5 thoughts on “Nail Polish Obsession

  1. Have you ever tried OPI polishes? They are great! I have a collection of the OPI nail polishes from lightish tones to darker tones. They have matte as well. I wished I could have got all the Alice Wonderland OPI collection. I have one of the polishes from this AW collection. Like you I love finger nail polishes with mani/pedis. I don’t go to a salon though. I’ve been a few times. Even tried acrylic nails, I could not stand it! The lady did it up awefully, and I went the following day to take them off. She had a clump of glue with airbubbles. Yet I paid that lady like $50. My nails hurt for a good week. I said to myself never again!!!

    I like quality polishes. Sometimes I feel personally for me that some can be rather sticky over time. Or don’t apply very well as a couple of use. And the Dollar General, what part of the south are you from? I am originally from Georgia but I live in Cali. There are no Dollar General here, we have the Dollar Tree.

    Girl I hear you on the salons not keeping sanitary. I worry about this myself if I got to stick my feet in bubbling water. You think of people athlete’s foot and everything else…warts… fungus…toejams. hahaha Your nails look wonderful!!! I love the square look as well. I have never cared for longer nails. Can you do your own french manicures? We all have our obsessions about something. For me it’s shoes (heels, boots, hight top sneaks, Converses), purses, earrings, necklaces, scarves, MAKEUPPPP (Urban Decay, MAC, Tarte, NARS, Dior, and the rest is history)… I love watching tutorials from MAC site, looking at magazines for makeup styles. I know it’s not just a girl thang. Men are the same!

    1. girl you obsessed with everything. somebody is a shopaholic. lol. yes girl i have some OPI and Esse. Yeah I do feel you on cheaper polished becoming sticky over time. They do have the tendency to go sticky after a couple uses. But I think to myself, I only spent $1 so I’m not mad. lol.

      I’m from Miami and I used to live in Atlanta, so I love Dollar General just because you can get everything for a dollar. I’m not really a makeup collector but I love playing with my bag of stuff. I didn’t know MAC had tuts online. I need to check that out sometime.

      No, I can’t do my own French manicure but I can do others. Girl I cannot polish my nails as good as I polish my sisters/others. I’m so mad at that. Are you great at getting your nails a clean and neat polish? Tips. Can you do your own French?

      Thanks for commenting! Take Care!

  2. I love certain things but I have restraints. I can tell myself no, but it is something that I must have without waits. I usually get it if I can afford it. haha I do like to be sparse and try not to spend every dime this place and that place. One ends up broke!! These days money is tight for me. So one got to be creative with what she has.
    Yeah I do like to shop something up. Don’t ever let me have a bag of cash to waste it will be on like Donkey Kong. Do you use a base and protectant coat on your nails? To help prevent with chipping of the polish. I use the OPI top coat not the base. I don’t know if it works anyhow. Just marketing means to earn profit. I feel ya on the $1 polishes. You really don’t have anything to lose. Last time I was in Georgia. I visited the Dollar General. We have also 99 cent stores. Not sure if they are in the South. Not everything is 99 cent but ends with 99 cents.
    Yes Yes Yes Mac has these tutorials by their makeup artists who are really good and know their stuff. You should definitely check out the MAC page. I also look at other makeup sites, but I like MAC has tutorials. The models look lovely!!
    Do you put decals on your nails after you polish them? The self adhesive decals of roses, hearts, etc. I like doing this to add decor for my nails. I cannot do a really good manicure on my fingers but I can with toes. They sell the lineup borders for your nails to do a good manicure. I’ve tried them, and seem to work. If I am doing full nail polishing, I can do this just fine. I used to do a lot as a child playing in my mom’s nail polish.

    I really don’t have any tips. I just make sure I clip my nails close but not disappearing. File them. I will add the polish. Let it dry and then add a protectant top coat. I also used the nail trimmers to trim around the cuticles. LOL I remember the Palm Olive or Dawn Dish Liquid back in the day commercial. Where they would have a woman soak her nails in the liquid? If I am not forgetting. I remembered imitating this when I was young. Sorry that was random. haha Since we were talking about nails, I just remembered this for some reason.
    Take care as well. Happy Blogging. 🙂

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