The Science Behind Achieving Your Optimal Braid Out

I love braid outs.  I’ve rocked them when I was relaxed, when I was a loose natural, and I still rock them now as a loc wearer.  Here are a few pointers I have learned throughout the years, for achieving your optimal braid out.

1.  Size.  How big are your boxes? Please note, the larger the box the less definition each section/loc will have.  The smaller the box the more definition each section/loc will have.  So if you only have 6 plaits/twists don’t expect much definition i.e. curl/waves/crinkles and dont expect them to last that long either.   

2.  Tightness.  Make sure your braids are tight enough that they aren’t unraveling.  If need be, put rubberbands at the tips of your hair to prevent your hair from unraveling.

3.  Dry.  Make sure your hair is completly dry.  I know that a lot of you may be braiding your hair after a wash or may spritz your hair with water before braiding it and that’s fine.  But make sure that your hair is COMPLETELY DRY BEFORE TAKING YOUR BRAIDS DOWN.  As stated before, I would not recommend spritzing your hair with any glycerin concotions.  As I also stated before, glycerin is a humectant so it attracts moisture. This means that your hair will attract the element of water, and we all know what water does to braid outs.  Let’s just say you wont have a braid out, it’ll be more like a FLAT out. 

4.  24 hours.  Keep your braids in for at least 24 hours.  Let the braids have some alone time.  Many of us, let our braids just get 4-play and take them out (I’ll just say that but I really want to use another analogy i.e. pulling out too early). Let them experience it all — the 4 play, the sex, and most importantly, the cuddle/aftersextalk.  What woman doesn’t want to cuddle after a night of love making.  So let your braids cuddle for at least 24 hours and then take them down. That’s why y’all braid outs haven’t been treating y’all right.  They pissed off, letting their night end too soon.  ROTFLMBO.  But seriously, let them stay for at least 24 hours.  On my youtube channel, I show a few styles I did while my hair was still braided. 

5. Product.  When I was relaxed and when I was a loose natural I always used a foam/mousse product. With my locs I only use product if I’m braiding my hair while retwisitng.  Other than that, I’m not using any product beside water, if I’m even using that.  Product isn’t the most important, I think the previous 4 take precedence but if you find a product that helps you achieve your goal, do ya thang!

Check out my video for more deets.  Peace, Luv, and Knots!


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