Dress Up Your Eyes

So I finally saw, Corrine Bailey Rae’s Closer video.  Let me just I love, love, love this song.  I need to definitely get her album.  While watching her video, in which she was absolutely stunning in.  I finally realized how much I love faux lashes.  I dont like the end product for the ladies who get it done at the Flea Market though.  There they use bonding/hair glue and the lash is stiff and it looks faux.  I like the lash to blend in and look like its growing out of your eye.  I consider myself a mascara girl.  Mascare til the day I day.  Lol.  Give me some mascara and I’m off to rule the world. 

I guess the connection to faux lashes and mascara are the eyes.  Ladies, dress up your eyes and the world is yours.  Mascara or Lashes which ever you prefer, but you must choose one.  I like them both because they add an element of mystery.  And let me tell you . . . men love mystery.   


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