Mission Possible: Afro Bella Vol. 1

[Nina1.JPG]Meet Nina. I met her this summer while volunteering with College Summit in Miami. We got to know each other better during a car ride. Through those few minutes of conversation everything that I had previously observed about Nina had been confirmed. Nina is a confident yet sensitive woman. She is very open and is a great listener. She embraces life’s lessons and is appreciative of every experience. I was elated when she wanted to be a part of this series because Nina is truly a Natural Beauty inside and out.

 MP: How long have you been natural? I had the big chop in August 08

MP: Why did you decide to go natural? I decided to go natural when I became comfortable with who God made me to be, au natural. However, the drive to stay natural was the firm decision to ignore others thoughts and negative comments of my standard of beauty.
 MP: What’s your hair regimen (what product do you use to wash, treat, or style your hair)? Washing my hair with conditioner, using Carol’s Daughter Tui oil and I am still experimenting with various products to see what works with my hair.

MP: Any advice for those thinking about going natural or transies (those in transition)? To all women who believe they can go natural must understand it is a change in mindset. If you don’t own your unique hair, you will run to the nearest perm box. Own your natural beauty and set your own standard of beauty.

I'm Diggin The Billie Holiday Vibe . . .


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