I Just Can’t Help It . . .

My intentions were to retwist every 4 weeks but I just can’t bring myself to it.  I’ve really thought about my huge waiting periods and I’ve assessed the reasons why I wait so long./

50% — I don’t want to stress my hair. 

Stress free is the way to be.  I am not going to risk the life and integrity of my locs for “neatness”

25% — I enjoy letting my hair do what it do. 

My hair is usually bigger and fuller and it’s doing its own little thang without any interference from me. great segue for next point.

25% — pure laziness. 

It takes about 3-4 hours to retwist my hair.  I have about 194/195 locs and it’s not that fun to sit and retwist.  So I don’t look forward to my retwist.  I look forward to my washes but never my retwists. 

It’s been about 7 weeks since I’ve had a retwist and I’m just not really trying to get it twisted right now. 

What I really appreciate about my periods of not twisting my hair is that this periods allows my hair to melt some properties (butters, aloe, gels, etc.)  that I use to retwist my hair. 

As I stated before I mainly use CD’s Loc Butter to retwist and this is pretty heavy stuff. lol. I am going to do a review of the CD’s Loc Butter as I have been using it for almost 2 years so I can tell you the real scoop. 

Anyways this waiting period allows several of these properties to melt before applying more product.  Thus the waiting period cuts back tremendously on build up. 

The only time I put product in my hair is when I retwist.  So I never add more product in my hair during my waiting period, no butters or gels.  I do use oil but they do not contribute to build up. 

Rather if you retwist every 2 weeks and you use heavy product during your retwist you have a greater chance of having more build up in your locs.  If you do retwist every 2 weeks I would suggest either clarifying your locs or using a light product to retwist. 

As for me I think I’m going to stick to my regimen – NO RETWISTING BEFORE 4 WEEKS.  Yes my retwist regimen was born out of other factors but it has helped with breaking down buildup.  I guess I have to recalculate my reasons.

50% — I don’t want to stress my hair. 

25% — pure laziness. 

15% — breaks down product build up.

10% — I enjoy letting my hair do what it do. 


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