Free Gifts!!! — Only Black Purse Left!

so i’m not a product junkie but i am an accessory junkie.  i love purses, jewerly, shoes, etc.  my mom is in the clothing business she exports clothes, shoes, purses, etc to Haiti and guess who always has first dibs? you’ve guessed correctly ME. 

My eyes are bigger than my stomach!  i see something i just grab, and now i have a room full of stuff.  i am slowly giving and selling some of my things.  i’m thinking about opening an etsy store — yes that’s how many bags i have.  a lot of my bags are vintage or different for those who can’t appreciate fashion — lol. 

anyways, i am giving away 2 different bags, you gotta think outside of the box to rock these. 

to get one of these bags you need to:

1-be a subscriber on youtube

2 – read a my blog and leave a comment on a post

3-must be 18 or older; if younger must have parent’s permission, as I would need your address to send you the gift

4- must reside within the US 

5- pick the bag that you like and tell me how you would rock it.  you can attach a picture of the outfit if you like.  please post your responses on this blog entry comment section, and if you want to add a picture, email me

you have until Friday, September 3, 2010 to enter into the contest.  One entry per person. I will announce a winner shortly after that best of luck to you all.

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