Online Message Boards

i’ve been really sleeping.  i have come upon online communities since way back in college.  sometimes i would read through the conversations but i felt out of the loop if i didn’t read the conversation from start to finish.  and most of the time the really good topics would have pages upon pages of information, and time never permitted me to go through them all.  discouraged, i would just close out the message board and do something else.

i recently joined and i joined about 13 communities.  they each have very great information about hair, beauty, entrepreneurship, etc.  and i’ve been reading through the information for a while because its such good information. 

i have learned the importance of online communities.  they are very informative and you really can learn a lot about anything you are interested in. 

i really encourage new naturals, new loc’ers, new anything to find and join an online community because they are extremely beneficial.  you learn from people who are similarly situated or people who are you have a common interest with. and these are people you otherwise would not have a chance to meet but for the uhmazing world wide web. 

what are some of your favorite online communities?


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