Never Give Up

I must admit there have been several times this past month when I’ve thought about cutting my locs off.  But I often go back to this journey of commitment.  Staying committed to something I said I wanted to do. Commitment is not only applicable to my hair but also to my personal life.  For example, this blog.  Sometimes I just want to disable my account.  I had another blog before and I just stopped posting one day.  So I am really trying to learn about the importance of staying committed to the things that I want to do.  Especially those things that I volunteer to do. 

Anyways, these thoughts aren’t burdening me but whenever I see a woman with a fade, I do become a bit envious. Hair envy I tell you is a BEOCH!  But then there are times when I am drooling over my hair.  I guess we all go through these stages where we want a change.  It’s natural to feel this way.  Chicks with TWA’s sometimes want long locs, chicks with locs sometimes want loose hair. 

I’m not promising a life long of dreadlocks but one thing I am certain of is that my journey is not going to end, anytime soon. 

So you can expect loc updates! Pray for me.


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