KeraCare Natural Textures Line

OMGosh! I wanna try the Twist & Define Creme (T&D) so bad.  The entire line seems to be a quality line.  CurlyNikki did a receive on the Twist & Define, Cleansing Creme, and Leave-In Conditioner.  And she raves about them.  She used T&D for a twist out and she liked the staying power of it.  The great review makes me want to get it but I know a twist out on loose hair ain’t a retwist on locks.  I’ve been online trying to find someone with locs who has done a review on the product and I have not found one. 

Dammit! I may have to play guinea pig! 

We’ll if T&D  doesnt work on locs I can always give it to one of my sisters (as they are loose naturals) for Christmas. I kid about the Christmas part. lol! 

Okay, T&D goes on the wish list.  Yeah just the wish list for now.  I gotta think about making a $14.99 purchase on an 8 oz product.  LOL! I’m going to look for a cheaper deal.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Until then amigos . . .


2 thoughts on “KeraCare Natural Textures Line

  1. My stylist has been using it on my locs for the last 2 visits. I don’t think I like it b/c my re-twists look old very early. I’ll keep you posted.

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