Happy New Year!

Hey Peeps!

Long time no see.  Happy New Year! Sometime this week I need to sit down and write some things down.  I need to write down what I hope to accomplish this year.  I have a few things floating in my brain but I need to put pen to paper and record and hold myself accountable to some things. 

One thing that I want to begin tomorrow is a vision board.  For a long time (well after reading parts of  The Secret) I went to the dollar store brought a poster board and I wanted to begin my vision board.  Then life happened and I never put it together.  But I am determined to do one the beginning of this year (by the end of this week).  I hope to let you all know how that goes as well as let you know about some of my New Years resolutions. 

The Loc Diaries was initially started to record my loc journey as well as put out hair information for other newbies.  However, this blog has some personal, some professional, and some hair topics.  It’s a hodgepodge of everything. As much as I hate my foods touching, this blog’s topics inevitably have to touch.  So bear with me and the millions thoughts that run in my noggin. 

Thanks for riding with me and I hope that this year brings you closer to your dreams. 




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