as chocolate cookie crumbs fall into my keyboard . . .

im in panera, one of my favoritest places in the world

i always order a You Pick 2 (Frontega chicken and a greek salad)

this is the perfect combo.  and i usually get an apple or chips.

damn i got chips today, im going to switch it out for an apple

and i never get anything to drink because the drinks are for free

okay well you can pay for a big cup but there are small cups near the soda machine for free

and that’s the cup I always get, the FREE cup

the last thing i always order is a Chocolate Duet – may I add the best cookie in the world.  makes my mouth water just thinking about it.  But there is a big possibility that I may never taste it again.  Why? Cause they may have discontinued it.  I thought that they just took it away to make room for the holiday cookies, but the holidays are long gone and the Chocolate Duet still isn’t back.  DAMN YOU PANERA!!!!

Anyways, the reason for this post

I  went to order my You Pick 2

Cashier: I love your hair! It is yours?

Me: Oh really? Girl, this little thing, I just did it this way to keep it out my face

Cashier: I love it!

Me: Thanks (smiling ear to ear)

So I went to the bathroom, to look at it and it was a H.A.M. 

Why she lied to me? lol.


2 thoughts on “Random

  1. Hey if you like PaneraBread you’ll love Cosci! They are a bit more expensive, but girl they are so delicious. Oh by the way I love you’re blog. I’ve only been following for a few weeks, but you give great advice.

    Dormowa Sherman

    1. hey!

      girl cosci aint nothing like panera. lol. panera is hella better. i use to eat at cosci when i summered in chicago. it is good, but i’m hooked on panera. i haven’t had cosci in ages though.

      thanks for the compliment. now i feel convicted. lol. now i need to post more frequently.

      thanks for checkine me out. if you have a website or blog, that you want me to check out let me know.

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