I Sometimes I Forget that I am Woman too . . .

Ethics class. 

Me: How many of you read Chapter 8 – Euthanasia?

Aggressive Student: What?!?!? What happened to chapters 3-7? You mean to tell me that you went through all those chapters during the class I missed!?! There is no way we could have gone all the way to chapter 8.  I only missed on class.

Me:  What other assumptions can you make besides us going through 5 chapters in a day?

Student: there is none.  I missed class and now we are on Chapter 8.

Me: I’m not responsible to tell you the homework assignment when you are absent.  It is your responsibility to ask your classmates or your professor, when you miss class. 

this conversation doesn’t even begin to show the aggressiveness of the conversation.  i felt like i was being attacked because he – the student missed class and how dare i – the professor skip chapters?

i wish you could see his face and the look of disgust for running my class that way i wanted to run it.

but i continued the class and told him . ..

Me: Another valid assumption would be that i skipped some chapters and just assigned chapter 8

Student: you could have told me that from the beginning

Me: You assumed.  You never asked.

That entire conversation had steam coming out of my ears.  I was hot! Angry.  I couldn’t even look at him during my lesson.  But I finally got better and paid him attention too.

After class another student said, “Way to go Professor, that guy is always so hostile towards you.”

Me:  Maybe its because he’s older than me.

Student 2: What about that guy over there? He’s older than you but very respectful.

Me: True. Then maybe it’s because he’s country.  You know he’s from KY.

Student 2: Maybe.

Me: ::light bulb goes off:: Naw, it’s because I’m a black professor.

Student 2: No, it’s because you are a black WOMAN professor

Me: You are absolutely right.

sometimes i forget that i am woman too . . .


2 thoughts on “I Sometimes I Forget that I am Woman too . . .

  1. Wow you handled that so well. This is one of the many reasons I couldn’t teach, I lack the patience to explain things. I came from the “sit down shut up and listen” school of parenting and teaching – which seems to be less effective these days – lol

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