Happy Birthday Sisters

My sisters celebrated their 31st and 30th birthdays on Friday (2/4) and Saturday (2/5), respectively.  Unfortunately, there were no men that looked like this ^^ at the events.  But we still had a blast . . . without those big candles . . . on the cake you pervs. LMBO!

So here is a taste of what we did.

Our weekend celebration began on Friday at a trendy, hidden Miami spot.  We had drinks and tapas. The food was delish and the spot made you feel like you were vacationing somewhere else.  The weather, the atmosphere, everything agreed.  The Universe was working on our behalf so much so that we even got a crab cake for free.  Lol. the night ended with us wanting more, wondering what would tomorrow have in store for us.Saturday: Prime 112. 

It’s an upscale steak house in South Beach.  We had steak, mashed potatoes, cream corn, broccoli, and asparagus.  OMG! The best steak I have ever had in my life.  Our bill was outrageous (about 600 for 6 ppl, no wine) but I don’t mind paying for top-notch food, ambiance and excellent service . . . on special occasions.  We sat and toasted to living our happy lives and to living fearlessly.  We spoke about our dreams and aspirations.  We all wanted to take control of our destiny.  And we spoke about how we could make that happen.  It was a great time.  Very uplifting. Later that night we walked down Washington Avenue in search of a tattoo parlor.  My 30 year old sister wanted a tattoo.  She wanted an outline of a star on her foot.  We walked about 13 blocks and finally got to the infamous Miami Ink (where their minimum is $200 – yes even for a star, and no one from the infamous show worked there!)  We then decided to walk back down to another tattoo spot. We arrived at the other spot and the tattoo artist was with another customer.  My sister decided that she would put more thought into it and so we attempted to walk back to the car, that was more than 10 blocks away.  I’m baaad in heels. I usually can walk miles in ’em.  But not that night.  The bottom of our feet started to burn – blister burn.  So we sat at a bus stop and those with comfortable shoes went to get the car.  Oh the characters on South Beach.  Very interesting folk.  But we ended the night talking for about 2 hours in our car in front of my house about what else — men.  I tell you. lol.  But Saturday was filled with great food, great laughs and great life lessons. 

Sunday: Lime. 

A natural mexican hot spot with the best damn salads ever! We sat outside as the Miami sun hit our backs and pigeons flew on vacant tables stealing nachos.  We caught up on the latest gossip and of course . . . men.  I was invited to an exclusive super bowl party but the conversation had me glued to my chair.   I also was pretty tired from all the festivities and wanted just to chill.  So it was nice to chill with my peeps and be me. 

The weekend was fun.  I’m glad my sisters enjoyed their birthdays.  I wish them nothing but the best because that’s exactly what they deserve and I hope that they know and believe that too.  So raise your glasses as I toast to living your happy life everyday!


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