Loc Nots: Petrolatum and Mineral Oil

I know everyone says black folk should not use petrolatum and mineral oil.  I know, I know, I know BUT . . .

I run my life and you run yours.  And my life told me that I can put whatever I want to put in my hair, and that’s what I did. 

I must admit a lot of the things I have heard that we, black women, should not put in our hair has been hearsay (from the mouth of someone else).  And not necessarily through my experience with such products. I’ve learned that my hair loves somethings that your hair hates and vice versa.  In the end this is my journey, so let me test the waters and make a more well informed decision as to what I should and should not use.    In the end you never know if you were keeping something out of your regimen that could have helped it.  You never know unless you try.   

I mean which black girl didn’t grow up sitting in between momma’s or granny’s legs getting their scalps greased? I surely did, and my virgin hair as a child was healthy.  I mean I understand the science of those ingredients and why they aren’t the best things to put in your hair but when your hair is as dry as mine anything goes.

So today, I pulled out that bottle of grease I had from way back when (before I knew of that it was a sin) and I parted my hair and went to work.  I didn’t put as much as my mom would have put but I put enough to satisfy my scalp’s thirst.  In the end I got a head full of “moisturized” hair.  Now how long will it last, I’m not sure.  But if it does relieve my dryness issues, I will continue to use it. 

P.S. Someone talked about Nature’s Blessings Hair Pomade which has mineral jelly (the last ingredient) as an alternative to using these pomades with petrolatum and mineral oil (which are the first and second ingredients).

Disclaimer: I am in no way advocating to test the waters to your detriment.  For example, don’t leave bleach in your hair past the recommended time.  But do dye your hair a color that you want to despite what someone else says.  Just be wise.  Listen to others opinions but be wise in your decisions.


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