The Post You’ve All Been Waiting For

This post is about my hair. 

::the crowd goes wild::

I have learned that I am very low maintenance with my hair.  I truly thank God that I chose to loc my hair because this hairstyle totally fits my life style.  I’m not that chick that has her hair curled, crinkled or twisted every week.  i love my hair BIG and MESSY.  I don’t need to wash and retwist every two weeks, I love letting it do what it do!

And my very low-key lifestyle/hairstyle is one reason why I don’t post as frequently on YT.  I don’t have anything to say about my hair because it’s really on a vacation.  lol!

I’ve been thinking that I would make a great freeformer.  I really don’t like bothering them too much.  Maybe in the future I’ll switch it up.  Who knows.


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