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Project: Shrink Closet

So I’m well into Month 2 of my No Shopping 2011 Challenge. It’s so funny how I’m always changing the challenge name. Lol.

Anyways, I wanted to let you know some changes I’ve decided to make.

I recently renovated my room. And in order to renovate my room, I of course needed to take everything out of the room. And what I noticed was that I have a decent size room.

All the clutter fooled me into thinking that I needed more space, when in reality I have more than enough space. I moved a house into a room when I moved back into my parents home. So you can imagine my frustration.

So what’s the new changes? I’ve decided to reduce my clothes to about 50-60%. Yes, I’m parting ways with my clothes. I know, I know you’re thinking, “Girl you giving away clothes and you can’t shop!?!”

Yep,that’s what I’m doing. There is no reason to hold on to stuff that you don’t use. I have items that have stains, I have items that don’t fit, and I have items that I just don’t wear. I’m breaking this cycle of attachment to things but I am also learning the lesson of breaking attachments to people.Some people in our lives are like my clothes with the stains. They have damaged you and your relationship. The stain is permanent, it won’t come off. As much as you’ve given them the benefit of the doubt, as much as you’ve forgiven them, the stain never comes off.  The stain constantly reminds you of their betrayal.  You can’t take the stain off and these people need to be thrown away. They need to get out of your life.

Then we have people who just don’t fit into our lives anymore. You’ve outgrown them.  Stop trying to wear them!

Lastly there are those people who you are just useless to you.  They sit in your life taking up space.  Make room for someone who is going to add something to your life and make use of the space they occupy.

Anyways, back to what I was saying.  I’m shrinking of my closets ya’ll!  All of them. 

Do you have “clothes” you need to get rid of? Join me!


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