40 Days

Today I officially begin 40 Days of Praying AND Fasting.

Yesterday I ate my last meat filled meal. I had rockin rib rolls from Flanagins and they were good.

This morning I left my fruit home so I had to do a Publix run that only made me doubt whether I could finish this journey that I hadn’t even started. I walked in and the first thing that I saw was the bakery. Breads are my weakness!

But I skipped that section and went to the fruit and vegetable section, where nothing called my name. I picked up my favorite apple (Fugi) and I was so unimpressed. I told myself this fast ain’t gonna last long. I left my apple and walked out thinking about what was I going to eat for lunch.

So I went to work and my stomach started to speak seven languages. Lol. That’s how hungry I was. But I told myself, “Read the word!” And so I did. And can I tell you hunger disappeared. I stopped thinking about food and immediately concentrated on the words that I was reading. Powerful.

Why am I fasting?
My flesh needs to be checked! She needs to know that my Spirit runs the show. This year has been especially hard on me. Emotionally I have been a wreck. In the past I have done and said stupid things that have only hurt me in the end. I recently spoke to a friend and I told her, “Everything you have told me, I told myself, it makes perfect sense, but I’m going to do what I want to do knowing that its not the best thing for me.” There are times where I allow my flesh to dictate my actions, knowing they aren’t Christ-like. In those times I feel so weak spiritually. I think during those times my Spirit doesn’t even battle with the flesh. And it is because I am not feeding me Spirit. Its a constant struggle and I need to let my flesh know that my Spirit (which always lead me in the right direction) runs the show. I hope to pick up a good habit of praying and getting more into my word.

Another important reason that I decided to fast is because the least I can do to show my love for God’s great sacrifice (his only Son) and for His great abundance of mercy, grace, and blessings in my life is to dedicated 40 days to worshiping Him .

How selfish am I to doubt whether I could sacrifice 40 Days to worshiping God through sacrificing food. Shame on me . . .

What’s my plan of action?
I am doing the Daniel fast(nuts, fruit, vegetables, and water). I am also reading the Word and praying throughout the day. I am not on a diet. I am fasting. Fasting encompasses more then abstaining from food. It’s also building and restoring a relationship with our Father.

For more information on the Daniel Fast go to: http://danielfast.wordpress.com/daniel-fast-food-list/

As I embark on this journey, what can I pray for you about? Email me @ iamkamilah@gmail.com or post on the comments below if you wish.


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