i am enough.

sometimes you hear words that resonate with your inner most being, your spirit.  words that once you hear all you can do is just nod in agreement.  those words provide confirmation that you aren’t crazy but most importantly that you aren’t alone. i use to think that my story was my story but the more i hear other people’s story the more i hear mine. 

Saturday evening I got a word that made me praise God. I literally lifted my hands and thanked God for such a powerful word.  A word I wished I received years ago.  Okay maybe it was perfect timing.  Because I know if I received this message years ago I would have totally ignored it.  God is omniscient so he knew that I would have been like whatever, “I’m doing me!”

On Saturday evening, we sat in the car and we were talking about all things woman.  men.  lol.  but my friend spoke about Jennifer from Basketball Wives. Jenifer said that husband made her doubt herself. And I could so understand this statement.  Many times you are in relationships that you really want to work, that you bend over backwards because you are so in love with this person and you truly want to only be with them.  Many times you think that something was wrong with you.  That you could have done something to prevent the other person from falling out of love with you. You think if I affirm him more, or if I sex him better, or if I buy him stuff . . . whatever you do to lure him back you do because you think that it’s something you lack.  And many times it ain’t you.  It’s them. 

You doubt yourself so much thinking that you could have done so much more.  But I’m here to tell you that you did enough and YOU ARE ENOUGH. 

So walk into your next relationship knowing that you are the baddest chick/dude ever and it’s his/her loss.  You are more than enough . . .

* PS I began to write this 2/7/11, so it may be a lil choppy but ya;ll get the message.  PEACE


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