So I finally realized that my credit card was lost.  I recently started using my credit card only for gas.  So a couple of days ago I went to put some gas in my car and I couldn’t find my credit card.  So I went back home, looked through my bags and still couldn’t find it. 

Immediately I remembered the last place I put my card after getting gas was on my passenger seat.  I wanted to kick myself because, I put my card there and I told myself several times just put it back in your wallet.  But I never did.  Days later I even told myself to do it and I never did. 

Rewind to a couple of weeks ago

Sometime in the week I got an alert from my credit card company saying that there was irregular activity.  I thought the email was in regards to my debit card because I stopped using it and then began using it.   Anyways, the email was in regard to my credit card and I totally disregarded it.  BLAME ME!!!

Back to gas station day . . . .

So I called my credit card company and told them that my card was lost. And that’s when everything else hit me. I finally put the pieces together and realized that I was a victim.  The email, the fact that my card was no longer in my passenger seat (BTW, I had tons of other stuff on my passenger seat).

 They reviewed some charges and I also told them about the email and we found out that this person got $100 worth of gas and tried to get $100 worth of gas three other times (the card was declined. thank You Jesus!).  They also went to McDonalds (and I don’t eat fast food) and another joint called Pollo Tropical.  So my balance was like $400+ (before adjustments).  They closed the card out and they will be sending me some papers to sign in the mail in a couple of days.  Thank God that it’s a credit card and they will refund all of my money back.  Thank God that if I had to pay the money back it wasn’t as outrageous as it could have been. 


My father has always taught me about  being negligent.  SMDH! I still am unsure of how a card that I placed in my passenger seat got in someone’s hands, especially since I didn’t give anyone a ride.  But that’s besides the point, the point is I should have never been in such a rush, I should have taken the 30 seconds and put my card back in my wallet.

Yesterday I checked my credit report to make sure that no one had access to my identity.  I need to take more precautions when handling my identity.  And I could have easily fallen prey.  Identity theft aint nothing to mess with.  It takes a whole heap of time and money to get that stuff straightened. 

Lessons Learned:

What you in a rush for? Girl take some seconds and work it out. Don’t let no line bully you into not taking the time to put your cards in their appropriate place.  And if you in a rush that means that you ain’t managing your time right. 

When you are emailed an alert . . . Dont assume anything, call the bank ASAP!

Why do you think they created Online Banking?  So you can have access to your bank account 24/7.  Check it everyday to be sure that nothing funny is going on.


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