Wash Day Rewind

Step 1: run hot water on my hair for about 5 minutes.  I get it the hottest I can and I just let it hit my hair. I do this to melt any product that I may have in my hair.

Step 2: put baking soda on my hair.

Step 3: pour ACV on my hair.  this should cause the baking soda to fizz.

Step 4: massage my hair.

Step 5: rinse out my hair using hot water. 

Step 6: shampoo my hair

Step 6: rinse out shampoo

I did not use any conditioner, I just didn’t feel like it.  After stripping all of the product out, I didn’t want to put anything else too heavy in. 

Step 7: oil my hair


2 thoughts on “Wash Day Rewind

    1. I am currently using Carol’s Daughter Tui hair oil and the Tui leave in. My hair needs a water based product and oil to be hydrated. It’s about 12 bucks per product. I also can never go wrong with coconut oil. I buy Louanna it’s not organic but it gets the job done. Jojoba oil also works well for me. Olive oil is a bit too thin for my hair type but it’s worth trying out. I hope this helps. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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