Summer Scrub Down

So my room was extra messy and had been that way for about 2 months.  Today I decided to clean it up. well actually, I decided that I would finish remodeling it.  I got carpet and painting done in February and I was supposed to hook it up then but y’all know … life happened and I was okay with sleeping on my mattress on the floor and sleeping in a room with heaps of clothes all around.  But today I woke up to that mess and decided today I am going to do a summer scrub down.

I finally got to the bulk of the remodeling done today.  I put my bedroom set in, I put some clothes on hangers and in drawers, and I finally made my earring holder. SN I had the screen sitting in my trunk for eva!  so,  I did a lot.  but I feel like I am far from being completely done. it’s the small stuff that got me in a stand still.  so many small things that are really annoying me, I don’t even remember what they are but they are everywhere.  I am going to start throwing them away tomorrow, they are so annoying.

Tomorrow, I will continue on my journey.  I will organize or throw away all my small stuff, put my pictures up, figure out how I am going to hang my necklaces (maybe I’ll buy something) and I will finally be done with remodeling my room.



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