This is for You

Sometimes I forget to update this blog.  I really want to make this a habit as blogging is very therapeutic to me.  I really enjoy writing my thoughts on my virtual journal but sometimes life happens.  I mean my job is really time consuming and I love the work but I really love living.  I love life.  And I don’t feel like I’m living, I’m just working . . .

But I digress.

I really want to thank you for stopping by and reading my posts.  I’m really not sure how many people actively stop by and check on to see what’s up in my lil world, but I know that people do.  Whenever I get a comment, I am always surprised and it encourages me to write another post, because I dont want to disappoint my readers.  I truly value your time and as someone who follow blogs I understand how uncool it is to have a blog and not update it in forever.  I am guilty of that 😦

But I promise to think of you as you think of me.   I just wanted to create this post about you, because you truly matter to me and you inspire me to keep writing.



2 thoughts on “This is for You

  1. Well, I have been enjoying reading your blog…I actually started blogging almost 10 years ago, just mass-emailing my friends, and letting them know this and that, never knowing I’d been blogging the whole time!

    I totally get what you feel, and all that..that’s the beauty of can actually sense the writer’s sentimesnts pouring through the blog..i LOVE that.. a good buddy of mine built me a blogging site—3 years ago, but I have never used it! So, don’t be too hard on yourself. you’re doing great. Blog when it gets too overwhelming NOT to.. I’ll keep reading. 🙂

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