What I Do

I am an Public Defender. I defend those who are unable to afford a private attorney. Yeah, some people call us Public Pretenders but my job is far from fake it is the realest job an attorney can have.

So I started some time ago and whenever I would set a jury trial for one reason or the other, it would not go. The client would plea or the State would drop the charges the day of the trial.

But for some reason October has been kinda different. I set a jury trial for October 10, I didnt think it was going to go but to my surprise it did and I wasn’t even scared because I was prepared for it to go down.

One thing I do not accept are people bullying me or my clients. Don’t you ever think that you have my back to the wall because that is when the beast comes out and I am no longer human!

Anyways the State tried to bully me and I told the Judge, “I am ready for trial!”

So trial began . . .

I did the opening, all the cross examinations, and the direct of my client (the Defendant).

My opening was loco! I took 2 sheets of paper with me to the podium, threw them behind me and made my opening up from the dome!

I was pounding on the witness stand, I was in the jurors face — can you say DRAMATIC!!!! I went straight up Law and Order on their ass . . . LOL!

It went great.

After both sides rested the jury deliberated and they came back with a verdict.

I can’t tell you the pressure you feel when you hear the jury’s bell ring. I’m thinking about my client and whether he’s walking out with me or if he’ll be going to jail. The pressure was intense.

The jury entered and the Clerk read the verdict . . .

On Count 1: Battery. We the jury find the Defendant NOT GUILTY!

Their was a sigh of relief.

So I won my first Jury Trial!!!! YAY!


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