Ending With a Bang

It aint about how you start it’s all about how you finish . . .

In 2011, I ended it for real with a dude, I put my entire life on pause for 4 years.  And I finally told myself, “He doesn’t like you like that.”

It gets to a point where you can’t bullshit yourself anymore.  That day came in 2011 and I walked away and I haven’t looked back since.  Yea, it stung a little but each day gets better.

This year I thought I would get with the man of my dreams and travel on the course of lifetime commitment, but it didn’t happen that way, and I persevered . . .

I then told myself, “Your love life sucks so you gotta get your career straightened out,”

So I invested in professional development and I got the job I wanted.  I’m not making the money I want to make but the experience is what I was looking for and I’m getting what I asked for.

Spiritually I’m still not where I want to be.  I am the Singles Ministry Leader at my church.  Goin head and laugh.  Yea, they picked me to be the Leader and I accepted because I really love my Pastor and I want to help him anyway I can.  Today I was talking to the committee members and I told them that I wanted to shift our focus to more spiritual than social.  I think that during this time of singledom we need to be more Christ centered.  And we can really build a strong foundation in Christ during this time of singledom where we dont have mates and/or children who need this or want to go there . . .

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that I could love again.  And I’m not in love with a guy but I have found a guy that I do like (another post).  So I am looking forward to meeting men and dating again. 🙂

This year is practically over.  We are basically in November.  2012 is here!  I know many of us didn’t fulfill all of our New Year Resolutions and many may think that there is no reason to fulfill them.  But be encouraged and know that it’s not how you start but how you finish.

Celebrate the small victories.  And use those victories to keep you motivated to continue on this race.  For a long time I felt hopeless in a lot of areas of my life but so much has happened in less than a year that has made me become hopeful! You can be happy, you can be wealthy, you can find love, you can recommit your life to Christ.  Each day you live to see, is a new opportunity to make things right.  It’s a new opportunity for you to make things better.  Seize today and end this year with a BANG!


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