My last relationship ended in 2007.  So it’s been about 4 years since I’ve had a boyfriend.  Yeah, it’s been a hot minute but when you’re stuck on someone you are stuck.  And during those 4 years I “talked to” other men.  I called them regular, we would chill, but I knew that those relationships wouldn’t flourish into anything.  I was happy that someone found me interesting but that was about it.  So over those years no one piqued my interest. I didn’t meet a guy where I felt like I had to be with him.

My last boyfriend was a guy I was focused on getting and I got him but I thought maybe he was the only person I would have such a desire for #liefromthedevil

It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that I found myself really interested in a man.  A man who’ve I’ve known for ever but I never ever thought about him like that, we were “just friends” and nothing more.  I remember chilling with him for an entire summer and being in a relationship with him never crossed my mind.

But a couple of weeks ago it was different.  I left that city and thought about him the entire flight home. I had only been with him for a weekend but I left feeling like I had to have him.  He of course was the same man I had known in college but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago my blinders fell off and I saw him with new eyes.

I’m not going into this with any expectations I am really excited that someone piqued my interest and sorta kinda reminded me about the joys of being with someone.

We live in 2 different cities and he’s a pretty hot commodity in his city, so I’m not sure if I’m even in the race; but if this only happened for me to open my eyes and realize that good men are out there then I’m content with being reminded of that simple fact . . .


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