How Much is Too Much?

I am an avid Youtube enthusiast. Lol! Making it seem all fancy . . .

But I do watch a lot of Youtube and I follow a lot of great men and women. But I’ve noticed something, that I find to be quite disturbing. A lot of these YT’ers are hoarders. I mean how do you do a haul every other day?!?! It gets a bit ridiculous to see someone purchase or even get gifted stuff every other video. What do their closets look like? And why are they buying more? Do they give or sell this stuFf? Can you really wear all of that stuff?

BTW, I am talking to myself too. Now I rarely purchase anything but I do have quite a few stuff that I have never worn. And to be honest I’m attracted to about 5% of the stuff I own. I find myself drawn to/wearing the same stuff over and over. And that’s just honesty. But I want to change that. I’m going to stop being lazy and wear my entire closet. If I don’t wear it I’m going to give it away.

Which brings up another point. Whenever I make big purchases I only feel good, if I get rid of some things. This year I either threw away or donated a ton of my shoes and in turn I brought some shoes. I just feel bad having too much stuff that I don’t use or having too much stuff that takes a long time to get rid of like . . . makeup. First I don’t wear a lot of makeup. I have the same foundation from college (yep!) because I may use it once a month . . . if that. And even if I were to use it on the regular, it takes a long time to get rid of an eye shadow. Trust me. Lol!

But back to the subject at hand. How much is too much? And when we have too much, what do we do next?

Why do we crave having so much? Will we ever be satisfied?

I want to hear from you. 🙂


2 thoughts on “How Much is Too Much?

  1. I’ve come to the point where I rarely watch haul videos because quite frankly it’s disgusting. It’s like the YT’er is saying “oooh look at me! Look how much money I can afford to spend!” I can’t! But you make a good point. How much is enough?

    1. I do haul videos but I can’t possibly afford to do one every single day. That’s just crazy. I have also become very leery in producing such videos because I dont want it to come off as “ooh look at me” because I am by no means a baller. lol! thanks for your comment! I hope all is well!

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