He’s Just Not That Into You

I thought I knew it all back then, I guess that old adage is correct . . . to grow older is to grow wiser.

I truly believe in being real with oneself.

I dont sugar coat a damn thing with myself.

I reflect a lot and I replay incidents over and over in my head.

I think about the way the incident went, I think about what I should have said or done (and this is usually a few different ways) and then I tell myself that it it ever happens again how I will react.

Yep, sometimes you have to sit yourself down and have a heart to heart. When you dont have anyone else around to guide you or give you feedback, or when you just dont want anyone to know your business, you need to figure out how to get the best resolution.

And all this takes is REALNESS.

No one likes rejection. Everyone wants to be accepted, especially by someone you like. But when the facts tell you opposite, embrace the truth and move forward.

I’m feeling this dude, but a conversation led me to believe and accept that he’s just not that into me. I think he only sees me as a friend, which is cool, because we are friends. So I know that I need to keep him in the friend box. I’m not going to be on the phone with him for hours, I am not going to be visiting him or doing anything that crosses the friend box. He likes to tell me about his dating life which I felt strange talking to him about, but now that I know what it is and what it ain’t, I can deal with him better.

Listening is key. I dont need him to verbally say that he’s not really feeling me because our conversation and his actions tell me all that I want to know.

He did tell me that he wasn’t looking for a girlfriend so I was warned from the beginning but he did tell me that he was interested. That I took as wanting to get to know me. Maybe as friends? But I thought we were friends . . . maybe we never were? Whatever the title of our relationship was I now know what it is. We are merely friends. And I need to treat him as such.

If ever he tells me otherwise and I am single and ready to mingle then maybe we can move in that direction. But for now, he’s just not that into me. And that’s perfectly fine because we are just friends.


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