Work Drama

I like to think of myself as very nice and fun to be around.

I joke with everybody.

I also tend to be attracted to hanging around support staff versus those in my position.

Yesterday, I was confronted with some drama.

I hate drama! Especially when it’s totally unexpected.

I could see if I was gossiping or had beef but to know I did none of that and I still got drama, kills my soul.

I was very upset when the person said that I was disrespectful and inconsiderate because I followed through.  I did what I was supposed to do but they didn’t want to recognize that because they didn’t do what they were supposed to do, they didn’t follow through.

I had some choice words and I felt myself getting louder and louder – so I decided to leave.

I was fuming out the ears.

I told myself that all is forgiven.  But all is not forgotten.

I truly believe in restitution.

When you do someone wrong, you need to apologize.

I saw here today, and she give this fake ass smile and says, “Hello!! Nice dress.”

I reluctantly mumbled, “thank you.”

I am not going to be smiling in your face and pretending everything is all good when I know it aint.

For you to come at me like that when seconds ago we were laughing.  I was cracking jokes and we were having a merry ol time.

And then the entire mood changed, and I was getting yelled at (in front of everybody) and I was told that I was basically a brat.

Even if she apologizes, I will never go back to cracking jokes and being all friendly with her because I feel like our relationship wasn’t genuine.

I will forever be cordial and respectful of her and everyone else, but the line has been drawn.  We good but we aint great – like we use to be.

Peace in the Workplace Middle East




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