My first week of 2012

Suxs huge balls

I’ve been sick since tuesday january 3. I thought it was the flu but it’s a bacterial infection.

High fever, aching muscles, migraine, weakness, congestion. . .

I’m a huge mess 😦

If the first week of the New Year determines how my year will be, I’m not in good shape. Lol!
But I don’t believe that! 🙂

This year is going to be fabulous.

My doctor put me on a large dose of antibiotics . . . horse pills.

I was told to stay in bed until Tuesday, so I’ll return Wednesday (feeling 100%).

So I’m hanging in their. I finally was able to eat solid food. I’ve lost 10 pounds, I look a hot mess.
I really thought I was going to die. I tried to drive myself to the hospital and had to turn home because I was so weak that I couldn’t drive. Thank God I wasn’t to far from home. I start to get dizzy spells if I walk to far – its from my lack of appetite.

But I drank a small smoothie from Smoothie King earlier and forced myself to eat a quarter of a tuna sandwich for dinner.

I’m drinking lots of fluids. I’m going to beat this in no time.

As much I want 2012 to be painless, joyful, and prosperous, this first week has shown me that I am not immune to . . . Life.

This illness won’t determine how my year will be rather my fight will set the right tone for this year. I’m determined to fight every obstacle life throws at me.


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