Grudges Are Stupid . . .

‘specially when the person you beefin’ with ain’t even studyin you (this entire sentence is hood – welcome to my world!)

I mean I walked up in the place, I was going to say hello and sit down.  But I decided to hug this one girl and was like I need to hug all 3 of these women, even the one I had “beef” with.

The entire time I was so pissed at her and yesterday she was talking to me like it was all good.  I felt so stupid! Even if it was a front on her part, we couldn’t be in too much of a beef if we can hold a conversation.  It’s a big WHATEVA.

I’m way too grown to be in an underground beef with someone.  I’m over here huffin and puffin and cursing her out and rollin my eyes every time she says 3 words and she over there smiling and living life not concerned about me.

I’m so over grudges! They are stupid!



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