My Visit to the Allergist

Have you ever gotten a shot in your arse?!?!

I did! *rolls eyes*

My allergist gave me a shot on my behind to control my horrible allergies.

He also took a lot of blood.

Oh yeah, and I took an allergy test to determine what I am allergic to.

Yea, I did not expect all of that! I just thought we would consult. LOL!

I love my doctor though, he’s very informative and he make sure that I understood everything.

I took the environmental allergy test.  When I took the test before (with a different doctor) it was like a scratch test.  This doctor actually injects you with the allergen to determine your reaction – more accurate testing.

I absolutely hate needles.  Can you imagine getting poked 20+ times?!?! And then drawing crazy amounts of blood and getting a shot on your arse! All on the same visit!!!!! LOL!

The purpose of my visit was to determine the best way to deal with my allergies.  I am also a eczema sufferer which is inextricably linked to my allergies.

I’m tired of nasal congestion, eczema, itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and the host of things.  I want to be normal! *cries in hand*

So I am hopeful that my doctor will be able to get me on the path to dealing with my allergies.

I am not a big medication person so I am looking for more holistic ways to deal with my allergies.  I know that some people get allergy shots – uhm, we’ll cross that bridge if need be.

On Monday, I will take the food allergy test.  I am not looking forward to that.  But I have told myself that I will take it serious this time and if I need to stop eating certain things . . . I will.


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